Damented (real name: Kris) started dj’ing in 1994, mixing hiphop and jungle on a pirate radio station in his hometown. He’s also one of the founders of the infamous Killa Tactics crew, a dj collective that took the world by storm in the late 90’s, consequently ranking among the top in national and international battles. Killa Tactics became vice champion at the ITF World Championships in 2001 and 2002, but then retired from the competition circuit. In 2008, Damented hooked up with Jack to form The Mixfitz, and never looked back.

Regarded as one of the most decorated battle veterans, Damented himself boasts an impressive 7 national DMC and ITF titles, and ended his 15 year battle career in style with a decent second place at the 2014 national Red Bull Thr3estyle contest.


· DMC Belgium 2012
· DMC Benelux 2008
· ITF Benelux 2004
· JIMTV 411 DJ battle 2003
· DMC Belgium 2002
· DMC Belgium 2000
· DMC Coupe de Belgique 2000 (scratching)
· DMC Coupe de Belgique 2000 (beat-juggling)


· DMC World team champion 2012 (The Mixfitz)
· DMC Belgium team champion 2012 (The Mixfitz)
· vice champion @ ITF World Championships 2002 (Killa Tactics)
· vice champion @ ITF World Championships 2001 (Killa Tactics)
· DMC Belgium 2000 (Killa Tactics)
· School of Hard Knocks II (w/ Dysfunkshunal)